Suggestions for group presentations of 6-Steps

6-Steps was designed to be presented by facilitators, either in individual or group consultations. During community trials, it was used in groups with as many as 30 participants. Depending on group size, these groups take 1½ to 2½ hours. In these trials, more than 85% of the participants completed all three parts of their Living Wills with signatures witnessed by others in the group. When these groups were conducted in a hospital, in this case Swedish/ Edmonds Hospital, most of the completed documents were immediately scanned into participants’ electronic records. The next phase of the development will involve training medical assistants and others in facilitating 6-Steps completion by patients receiving chemotherapy and dialysis.

Below is a document of suggestions for training facilitators to present 6-Steps in groups. The material in the “Guide” is also useful for this purpose.

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