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Some very useful links to other sources of information

(All sites have some general information. They are listed in categories according to unique emphasis.)


General information about aging

The Amateur's Guide to Death and Dying

Please note the long list of very valuable posts under the tab: Select Category

American Geriatric Society Foundation for Health in Aging


NIH Senior Health


American Geriatric Society Foundation for Health in Aging


NIH Senior Health


General information about advance care planning


The National Institute on Aging


Dying Matters (a British site)


Family Caregiving Alliance


Center for Practical Bioethics


Mayo Clinic


Information about MOELI, POLST (and MOLST, TPOPP, POST) forms


MOELI (Medical Orders for End of Life Intervention)

A significant improvement upon the POLST paradigm extending service to healthy people 80 and older.

POLST organization


States that honor POLST programs have their own websites, e.g.


End-of-lfe and Palliative Care Education Resource Center



Importance of communicating preferences to doctors

The Letter Project as one form of Personal Statement and back-up for Step 5


Information about organ donation



Information about how to discuss end-of-life care


Honoring Choices Pacific Northwest

An Initiative of the Washington State Medical Association and the Washington State Hospital Association


The Conversation Project


Coalition for Compassionate Care of California


Resources for in home caregivers
US Administration on Aging. National Family Caregiver Support Program


Caregiver Resource Directory


Caregivers USA


The American Gerentological Society Online Caregiver Guide


Center for Caregiver Support


Resources for storing living wills electronically


The U.S. Living Will Registry


American Bar Association





Information about dealing with death


Part One: Introduction to Radical Acceptance

Information about palliative care
Information about hastening death


Compassion and Choices


Caring Connections


Final Exit Network


Worksheet for recording drug information



Information about how to manage progressive,  debilitating illnesses


CareJourney site offers excellent advice concerning all aspects of managing illness, including medical, social, financial, and spiritual aspects of care


Family Caregiver Alliance


Alzheimer's Association


Home Hospice and Palliative Care


Information about palliative care!fast-facts-121-180/csd6



Information about managing the cost of care


Care Journey Manage Finances Archives



Information about understanding hospital bills


The Medical Bill Mystery

Understanding your medical bill

Information about deprescribing (reducing the number of) medications



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