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MOELI: Entering your preferences in your Medical Records

Completing 6-Steps is a great beginning.  But you need another step to translate your preferences into medical orders that will be followed by all providers whose help you seek.  The POLST paradigm (Physician's Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment) pioneered ways to make this possible.  The MOELI (Medical Orders for End-of-Life Intervention) builds on this foundation by correcting 16 defects in the POLST, carrying it a step further. For example, the MOEL extends the privilege of entering orders to those 80 and older regardless of their health status, it offers the essential three-option choice regarding resuscitation, and it includes all of the common end-of life procedures vs. the one or two in most POLST forms. You can read about the MOELI in the following articles. If it sounds good to you, print a copy of the form (below) and discuss it with your providers, one of whom must sign and enter the form in your medical record. Doing so is a major step toward bridging the gap between the treatment you want and the treatment you receive.


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